March 12, 2014

Description Of Work:
1. Major renovation to a 100 year old house:
2. Repaired/replaced mansard roof, main roof and 3 roofs on extensions as well as roof over porch.
3. Replaced 23 windows and 1 skylight
4. Rebuilt chimney
5. Replaced damaged concrete walkway
6. Rebuilt front steps
7. Replaced crumbling brick porch supports
8. Replaced wooden porch columns with new fiberglass ones
9. Applied new wire lath, cement and Elastomeric finish to foundation
10. Sided entire house with vinyl siding
11. All new gutters and downspouts
12. Exterior decorative molding over front windows, around main entrance and above porch

I have a very old house that was badly neglected and in need of major repair.I talked with Joe about the work I wanted done and exchanged ideas on ways to achieve it Joe and his crew showed up as scheduled and got right to work. They worked every day that the weather allowed
All work was done in a very professional manner. Since it was such a big job I was nervous and apprehensive. Joe kept telling me it would be alright and it would be beautiful when it was done. He was so right . My new home is beautiful!! People stop on the street to tell me how beautiful my home looks now. My neighbors can’t believe how well it came out. One neighbor came back from vacation and thought she was in the wrong neighborhood… true story!

adminMarch 12, 2014